What Is A Sugar Daddy Dating?

What is sugar daddy dating and why people aren't ashamed to do it? Where to look for a sugar baby? Read on, explore the new world with its rules and benefits, and make a positive decision on this type of dating arrangements yourself.

If you've opened this web page and are reading these words right now, then you probably assume sugar dating could be a variant for you. Not to get confused, let’s first define this notion and then dive deeper into all issues related to it.

It's a special kind of dating based on benefits both parties get from it. In other words, sugar daddy and sugar babe satisfy certain needs that are profitable to each party.

Now let’s dig deeper and learn more about all the expectations from such kind of relations and truth about it. Go on reading!

What does Sugar Daddy mean?

As a rule, it's a successful mature man, who knows what he wants from life and knows how to get it. Such gentlemen are usually very much into their careers and simply don't have time for building romantic relations. They sign contracts, go on trips almost every week, and attend business dinners.

And generally this is the first reason why they need a sugar baby. For a pleasurable and beautiful company. It's not a secret that in small narrow circles, potential business partners have more trust in those who are accompanied by a nice lady. When, on the contrary, single gentlemen have lower chances to start a new partnership. This relates only to such half-informal business meetings mostly.

Sugar daddy has money and can allow himself to be in the company of any lady who will agree to it on payment. This is where sugar dating starts.

Myths about sugar daddies

Due to the low popularity and lack of understanding of this type of relations, there exist many stereotypes about it. And they only continue growing in geometrical progression. So, which of them are true and which are just gossiping?

They are looking for a prostitute

When terms money and relations appear together, people choose the easiest way and consider it as prostitution. Very few of them make an attempt to learn more about sugar dating and understand what it is in reality. Yes, it's truly based on money. Man pays a particular amount of money to his babe for a date, gives her presents, and buys tickets to warm countries. With these gestures, he awaits from her to do something in a reply as well. Physical connection generally.

But does regular dating differ from it much? Guys also try to impress a date, bring her flowers and other presents, and pay for her in the restaurant. And later, when relations have started, give her money for life. Of course, he expects sex. Looks pretty same, doesn't it?

The only difference is money issue is always discussed from the beginning and both parties realize what they're doing and why.

They are more grand-daddies than daddies

It's generally believed that sugar daddy is someone in his late 60s who chooses only 20-year-old girls to have fun and show off what a macho he still is.

No, not true. It isn't about age at all. Man can be successful in his 30s too. It's only about the way of life a gentleman chooses. There are many 40-year-old sugar daddies who prefer to spend time pleasurably with many girls, rather than to settle up with one wife. And these men are ready to pay for it.

They show no respect to their babes

Those who don’t accept sugar dating claims that woman sells herself and is treated like an object. But this opinion is common only for those who never were into the true sweet (or sugar) Dating.

Men who become sugar daddies are intelligent and well-mannered. They look at it as kind of a business deal. He pays for a certain service - babe’s time and attention. Such relations are always built on mutual respect.

Who is a sugar babe?

It's a lady, usually a young one, who looks for material support and ready to propose her company for that. Sugar babes, just like sugar daddies, know what they want exactly and know how to get it. They prefer to have beneficial relations with no strings attached rather than building long-term relations full of drama.

As a rule, each sugar babe has a huge motivation to be involved in this kind of relations. It can be family problems that require regular high income or her personal needs. Also, other reasons are possible, but they never relate to shame. It's win-win relations for both parties.

A girl who becomes a sugar babe knows her value and will never do things that are beyond her principles. It's a common belief that babies are allowed to do all daddies want with them, but it isn't true. Actually, everything has a price. Let’s dwell more on what is true and what is wrong about these girls.

Stereotypes about sugar babes

The society is buzzing with rumors about the sugar babe definition, and usually, not all views are nice. We have a few of them debunked. Read below.

They are money hunters

No, they earn money. Not haunt it. A sugar babe uses her physical attractiveness and open-minded way of thinking to get some cash. It must be said that both parties are happy with such a scenario, so no one haunts for anything. Two people meet, discuss needs, set up the rules, and just act. You can consider it as a fair business deal.

They all are prostitutes

Malicious tongues say that if a woman gets money for dates, she's definitely a hooker. But, truth to be told, sugar dating has nothing to do with prostitution. The difference is clear!

Women who work on pimps sell their body. They please men for money and have many clients a day. This is their job. In some countries, prostitutes even pay taxes and get pension after years of work.

Sugar dating isn't about selling sex. A girl proposes a man her attention and time. It's about having a regular date in some fancy restaurant, escorting him for some important business dinner, or simply enjoying each other's presence in leisure time. Sex isn't the crucial piece of the deal here.

But, surely, everything is discussed between sugar daddy and his babe. They decide from the very beginning what this dating will be about and how much it will cost. It's always a unique situation without any generalization.

Plastic surgery made them all to look the same

There is a certain image of a sugar babe everyone pictures in mind. Stunning figure, long shiny hair, plump lips, clean skin, short dress, heels, and bright makeup. This is a standard of beauty now. All women strive to look like that girl from Instagram, and many of them resort to plastic surgeon’s help. Yes, this is the most popular type of appearance all men want now.

But truth to be told, tastes differ, and now the age of natural beauty comes. Many gentlemen are tired of identical girls who look the same beautiful in every photo and ruin the initial impression when they start talking. It happens because of the low level of education.

Intelligent natural nymphs come to the market and take top positions. Now real men want to have not only a cute face next to them when they go out. It's crucial to have a topic to discuss with her and not be ashamed of her company in high society. Such sugar babes would be even more rated on specialized cites.

What are the benefits of sugar dating?

Unfortunately, this kind of dating is considered to be shameful by many people right now. Society now is only at the beginning of accepting it, and it'll probably become more well-practiced all over the world with years. So, what are the perks of sticking to it?

  • No waste of time While building regular relations people first need time to get to know each other, then to become closer. Then some disagreements come, and they break up, being unaware how to cope with them. After months or even years of “creating a happy couple.” In the end, you're broken again and need to start from the very beginning. Sugar dating has no place for this. Usually, such mutually beneficial relations last no more than a few months, unless both parties want to make it constant. It's based on pleasurable time spending. That’s all.
  • No drama This issue usually worries men even more. Ladies tend to exaggerate things and be dramatic. Every single misunderstanding can lead to a huge quarrel, and this is never fun. Such things ruin the mood and any desire to move on. Good news - sugar dating is free from that stuff.
  • Needs are satisfied Sugar babes and sugar daddies have different reasons to be happy. Man gets a pleasurable, enjoyable company of a beautiful lady, and a woman receives money for that. Each party doesn't have any false expectations. Everyone gets what was discussed in the very beginning of relations.
  • No commitment Many couples break up now because of the burden of promises and obligations pushing upon them. Women want men to marry, while men want women to stay at home. Too often, they owe something to each other, and it creates negative pressure on relations. In sugar dating, you don't have to dedicate yourself to anyone. Both parties think about themselves in the first place.

What are the rules of sugar dating?

Sugar dating is essentially a kind of business deal. The partners discuss all the possible and crucial for future time-spending issues in the very beginning. Generally, it's always unique, and every case has its own development. There are no strict taboos: It can be as open-minded relationship as any party allows it to be. But if you consider becoming a sugar daddy, you should remember some rules.

  1. Never demand more than was agreed. The charm of Sugar Dating is in its clearness. Every single issue can be discussed before the beginning and only when both parties are ready to forward, dating starts. It will be rude and unfair to violate those borders you have established yourself already. The only exception is when you are ready to lift the payment up. If you want your Babe to do more than was agreed, try to offer some fair price for that. To ask for her permission for that first is the must.
  2. Keep promises. This can be related to both - daddies and babes. When you do not fulfill the contract in business, you lose a partnership. Same attitude you should have to sugar dating. Both parties rely on certain lines that were drawn in the beginning and it is crucial to follow them. Otherwise, you are going to have your reputation spoiled.
  3. Be respectful. Sugar dating isn't about mutual attractiveness and physical desire. Sometimes it isn't more than an escort to some fancy event. But it doesn't let anyone forget about general rules of politeness. Both participants of this process have to be satisfied in the end.

Where to look for a sugar babe?

The fastest and easiest way to find a company is to use a specialized website. It's very much like dating platforms, but with only difference. People aren't looking for a marriage there. It helps to narrow down the search and to relax. Often, a gentleman’s offer to escort him somewhere can offend a regular woman. But not on these sites. Ladies come there only with one goal - to become sugar babes. Thus, those resources usually have even price lists included in each girl’s profile.

Nevertheless, we shouldn't forget that the modern world is developing and changing constantly. Now there are many women in restaurants, pubs, bars, with whom you can start a talk and make a pleasurable offer. Many of them will not refuse you. So, it's definitely worth trying as you'll discuss everything with her face-to-face. But, truth to be told, this way may take longer time to succeed.


Sugar dating phenomenon is certainly gaining popularity around the world. No one can deny that the usual model of relations isn't much in demand anymore. People search for new possibilities and ways to accompany somebody. You take the control in your hands and start thinking about yourself. You satisfy your needs and don't waste time on drama that is common for usual relations. Even if you're afraid of and still not sure, you can try it to experience some benefits. Only then, you can make a fair judgment about it.